I can play with my son....

Joe is likely the most authentic person I know. Working with him after a serious car accident when I was 26 was life changing. Due to my neck injury, I was concerned that when I became a father someday I would not be able to lift my newborn child at the hospital. At the time, I had trouble tilting my head downward half an inch, or even holding a gallon of milk. Fast forward ten years, thanks to Joe, I can squat 140 pounds, go backpacking, drag a 200 pound sled, do 25 dead hang pull ups, and most important, roughhouse with our four year old. His focus on flexibility and mobility, rather than on having the biggest muscles (he can help with that too!), is refreshing.

Joe is so many things to so many people: a personal coach, personal trainer, cheerleader, author, martial arts master, business coach, a husband, and more. He always greets you with a smile and bearhug, and delights in bringing joy to those he loves and cares about. When I think about what it means to be a good person, Joe is the definition.

Joe has had a tremendous impact on my life, and for that I will always be grateful.

Raziel U. 34    Broker Associate

My life did change...

Have a life changing experience and work with Joseph

John I. 62    Attorney 

Most Harmonious book created!!!

Your book has aligned in my life at the most divine time. I recently began reading your book again, and the amount of knowledge and insights you have regarding disharmony and harmony is so incredibly eye opening! It created new ways of viewing certain words, behaviors, and situations. By far this is the most helpful book I came across, especially when it comes to explaining and promoting harmoniousness. I applaud you Joesph for creating this book to share with all of us! I appreciate you!!

Myra B.    Twin Flame teacher

Complex Made Simple Shows Mastery.

This book is great because Joseph took concepts that can easily be complex and esoteric and boiled them down to simple to understand, relatable concepts with an easy to apply/actionable approach!
This book would even benefit someone new to the concept of spirituality, because it’s really just about thinking & talking and how we react to our external environment. We all have to contend with that, right? And we all live in the universe. Some may argue just our perception is the universe and what a better way to change that than how you talk and think. This book provides a framework for that with relatable examples. And to top it off you don’t even have to move to a cave to accomplish more inner peace.

Elijah M. 35    Movement specialist

Give love. receive love - This book could change the world.

Such a simple, beautiful book that touches at the heart of what we want as humans: to feel loved and connected. I use it as a daily devotional read and am so blessed by the love clearly communicated. Thank you!

Anne R. 30    Life Coach/Movement specialist

I can say this with absolute confidence, I’ve never met an individual like joe.

Have you ever met someone that can brighten a room with just their presence? Well...that’s Joe Pessano.

I’m proud to know Joe in many different facets. I first met Joe as a strength and wellness coach. I quickly learned that his approach to fitness extends beyond physical strength as he emphasizes his client’s mental strength as well. While you may spend time with him carrying a kettle bell or pushing a sled, he devotes equal time to ensuring that you live a happy and fulfilling life.

I’ve had the pleasure of having joe as the keynote speaker for 50 of my clients about following their life passions. His talk inspired the audience to stay motivated and to live with purpose...through kindness and love. His message was well received and I continue to have clients ask about him.

Lastly, joe is a trusted friend. He’s the kind of guy that will take the shirt off his back for you. I can’t speak enough about the high character individual that he is. I can say this with absolute confidence, I’ve never met an individual like joe.

Great trainer, great guy, better friend.

Jeff alejandro 36 Financial Advisor


Working with Joe has changed my life.

I met Joe about 5 years ago and we connected immediately. We are both into physical fitness among other hobbies we share. 

I went through some unfortunate Medical issues that stopped me both emotionally and physically from wanting to work out. 

Joe being the amazing person he is, got my life back on track and got me back into doing the things I love. 

I see Joe at least once a week to work out and sometimes more, just to chat and laugh.  

I am very grateful to know joe and grateful for his help. 

I love you brother 

Andrew S.  Manager 31