Suggested Reading

Harmonious-awakening from under the shroud


This is the book my students requested of me, and I'm so happy they did.

I self published with the help from my amazing team and Amazon's "print on demand" service.

Hidden Messages in Water


Dr. Masaru Emoto, with so much compassion and love, unveils the reality of what our thoughts and intentions do to water.

Since you are 70% water, the findings in this book are paramount to your happiness.

The Tao Te Ching


This book is the second most published book in the world. 

Within these few pages are the secrets of the Universe and the foundation to understanding everything.



Where was this book when I was a kid. 

Carol Dweck has more than enough research that demonstrates the power of phrases like; you are so smart, compared to, you did great because you worked so hard.

Grow your mind beautiful souls.

Biology of Belief


Re-write your DNA with the reality you truly desire with Dr Bruce Liptons help

some other titles


Bhagavad gita, Hagakure, A new Earth, 12th Planet, The Source Field investigations, Fingerprints of the gods, 4 noble truths, The Gnostic Sciptures, The giving tree, Smile at fear: awakening the true heart of bravery, how to be compassionate