Change your reality by living in the Now


5 tips on how to 'Change your Reality', by living in the now

#1. Tell yourself 3............

Tell yourself 3 times a day that you love yourself. 

Use the name you were given at birth when doing this, even if it is a name you despise. 

When your self love has become whole again, you may use another name if you like, but only after you heal this name first, please.

First thing in the morning

Half way through your day 

Right before bed 

Tell yourself this for no other reason than because you are one of a kind, unique and the universe needs you.

Of course you can do this more than 3 times, but I have found that with this healing method, potency begins with 3 as a minimum. 

*this is not about ego, this is about loving yourself if you currently struggle to love yourself.

#2. Eliminate the word h........

Eliminate the word 'hate'  from your vocabulary. 

This word in particular carries with it a significant amount of negative, disharmonious energy and it will lower your vibration instantly. 

When you lower your vibration, you attract more low vibration energy into your life, and the more low vibration energy we have in our life, the more we struggle and suffer.

You can simply raise your vibration by not engaging this word into your conversations. 

#3. Write a eulogy for.........

Write a eulogy for everyone in your life, literally everyone, even people you may deeply dislike or even loathe. 

Do this without saying or using, one single negative word.

Have the eulogy be no less than 20 words

#4. Change your pas.........

Change your current passwords to phrases or sayings that inspire you to be more loving, happy and kind. 

Every time you enter your new joyful password, you will be typing in a positive phrase or saying, and this will elevate your vibration and will help you maintain an elevated state of, "basic Joy". 

Simply by typing in a happy or motivational password.

#5. Spend time with........

Spend time with yourself and no one else.

I'm not saying completely stop spending time with people, what I am saying is this, take a few hours everyday to simply be alone without any distractions of other people or electronics.

This will instantly raise your vibration.