Joseph Pessano


I'm Here Now

Over the last 40 years, Joesph Pessano has been cultivating his practice of healing by going into the realm of self and then back out into the seeming real chaos of the world we participate in, bringing with him from the inner realm, an understanding of forgiveness that will embolden those who are lost in the stream of chaos. 

Utilizing unique principles of healing, Joseph has made his techniques very easy to understand as well as perform.


You are Here Now

Whether you see Joseph with a group or one on one, he lets his passion for teaching and healing pour into the participants he is working with. 

We are all valuable and beautiful, and there is no other time than now to love yourself.


Healthy Mind and a Healthy Body

Joseph understands the torment of a sad mind and a fractured body, and he has come out from under the shroud to become a man of joy, inner stillness and he now lives with a happy, healthy body. 

Let Joseph help you achieve what he has a achieved. 

Today is the day, Now is the time

You have already taken the first step to a better life by simply visiting this page. 

It is never too late to change, grow and become the greatest version of you you can be. 

I love you all

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Joseph Pessano - Speaker and Coach

Fremont, California, United States

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